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About Us

Today’s Vision was founded in 1984 by Dr. Donald Glenz and Dr. Stig Pederson. It was originally founded in Houston, Texas and was one of the first optometry franchise groups in the nation. In 2005, Glenz and Pederson sold the franchise to the original 22 licensees. These doctors then created Today’s Vision Licensing Corporation. Today’s Vision Licensing Corporation is considered an alliance group with individually owned offices that work together in association to further their collective interest and provide the best value to the customer. Today’s Vision has consistently ranked in Vision Monday’s Top 50 U.S. Optical Retailers and what started as 22 offices has now grown to over 45 strong.


"Our concept of how we did Optometry and delivered services did so well we wanted to share it," explains Dr. Donald Glenz (co-founder of Today’s Vision). That concept was a hybrid optical store combining the service of a "mom and pop" optometry office with the value offered by a large corporate retail chain, says Glenz.


Today's Vision offices are individually owned by doctors of optometry who treat patients and manage a doctor's office. The same doctors also own and oversee the retail section where contact lenses, prescription lenses and frames are fitted and sold.


For more information, email, or
call 713-461-0606

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