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LASIK and intraocular lenses (IOLs) are FDA-approved surgeries that correct refractive errors and reduce dependency on eyeglasses and contacts. Today’s Vision doctors do not perform these surgeries. However, they co-manage with eye surgeons and provide pre-testing and follow-up care. LASIK generally benefits those 21 to 40 years old by reshaping the exterior of the cornea with special lasers. However, LASIK patients may need reading glasses as presbyopia occurs in their 40s. Multi-focal IOL surgery helps those 50 and older by removing the material inside the lens (which will ultimately become a cataract) and replacing with a unique lens that permits near, intermediate and distance vision. These patients will not need cataract surgery in their later years. If a patient is not a candidate for Lasik, they may be eligible for other surgeries such as PRK or ICL.


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